Extend Unleash into your development pipeline through our flexible Addon framework. Choose the events and connect

Feature toggle systems is highly connected to how you deliver software. Unleash is a highly flexible feature management system. With the Addon framework, integrating Unleash into your development process gets even simpler than before.

Addons in Unleash

Configure the addon, start applying tags, as simple as that

Generic Webhook

The generic Webhook allows you to post an update for every change to your feature toggles. You may format your message using a Mustache template.

Configure a generic web hook

Slack addon

The Slack addon allows Unleash to post updates when a feature toggle is updated. This enables you to ensure that the team is kept up to date on enabling the new feature in production – just by posting a simple notification to the team channel on Slack.

Push updates from Unleash

Why Unleash?

Self-hosted or managed

Unleash is highly flexible when it comes to where and how to it is managed. In need to host Unleash within you VPC? No problem. Just want to get started - go for the hosted offering of Unleash.

The most flexible feature toggle system

Why adapt to a tool - the tool should adapt to you and how your team works. Unleash is very flexible and through its extensive APIs you can set it up to work exactly how you would like.

Privacy by design

The unique Unleash architecture ensures that data privacy is properly handled. Feature toggles is highly dependent on user data to operate - ensure you are on top of your privacy concerns

Resilient protocol

Unleash is designed to ensure a resilient protocol. Feature toggles are a critical part of your application - and to ensure full resilience is important.