A/B/n experiments in 3 simple steps

Feature toggles, such as unleash-hosted, are a great tool to enable A/B/n experiments. Talking to customers, we often find that many are really eager to start experimenting but they often find it a bit difficult to get started. Blockers may be many, one that we repeatedly hear is inter-team dependency to get up and running. At unleash-hosted we truly believe that development teams shall be as autonomous as absolutely possible. (Read more)

What is Canary deployment?

Canary deployment saves software solutions from crashing while upgrading them to a new version. This approach is a win-win situation for the development company and the users. It does not affect the user experience and saves the business for application owners. (Read more)

What are the feature toggle best practices?

Feature toggle driven develop development has been around for some time. Given the wave of DevOps and Continuous Deployments we are currently facing, the popularity of feature toggle pattern is rapidly increasing. Feature toggles aka feature flags are a common practice to enable trunk based development. Rezvan Mahdavi-Hezaveh et. al. from North Carolina State University recently released a paper researching “What are the feature toggle practices that software practitioners use?” and “How frequently are feature toggle practices used?”. This is our thoughts on the findings – and your key takeaways to improve your best practices in your organization. (Read more)

Feature toggle lifetime – best practice

Feature toggle lifetime best practices

Feature toggles provides some great opportunities when it comes to decreasing time-to-market while keeping control of possible issues impacting your end users. Still, we believe it is important to be cautious about the feature toggle lifetime. Read more

What is a feature toggle service?

feature toggle service dashboard

A feature toggle service allows you with a simple way to manage and control your new feature post-production. It simplifies some of the hurdles experienced with feature branches. Read more

How to handle risk in a digital transformation at high speed?

Digital transformation

Most businesses today are in the middle of a digital transformation, their customers expect digital, seamless and adaptive solutions for them. We believe that the businesses that will be tomorrow’s winners in this game, are those that are able to innovate and learn at a high speed. The question is how to stay in control when the speed of change is rocket high?
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Take control of your sprint delivery!

A feature management system such as unleash-hosted can give you full control of your sprint delivery. In this article we will explain why and how. Read more

Why Feature toggles brings real business value into DevOps, and how

We are getting used to have the same software development team taking care of both the development and the operations of the services — it makes perfect sense to have the ones that develop the service, also taking care of it afterwards.

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Kill switches

kill switch is a safety mechanism used to shut off machinery in an emergency, when it cannot be shut down in the usual manner.

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