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Ryan Fisch

Ryan Fisch


With minimal effort, Unleash-hosted has given our engineering and product teams greater control of their deployment automation processes, decreased our time-to-market and enabled a clear separation of moving code to production vs. providing features to our customers. Their out-of-the-box release strategies allow us to gracefully capture control group feedback, test best fit features, as well as providing operational control with things like toggle level circuit breakers. Great product, great SaaS partner!

Christina Jin

Christina Jin

Full Stack developer,

With Unleash we are able to easily create feature toggles and implement them into our code. Their hosted service makes it easy to visualize and turn features and on/off with simple click. One of the strongest Unleash is how easily you can create your own custom strategy to rollout the feature. Plus, appreciate the fast response from Unleash support team (usually within less than 24 hours).

Eivind Throndsen

Eivind Throndsen

Product Owner, Schibsted

"Unleash provides full control when rolling out a new feature to our users. I can enable a new feature for a few percent of our users first and verify that it works as expected, independently from release cycles. The ability to rapidly scale up or down, or even disable the feature entirely if we see any problems, enables rapid yet safe product iteration."

Juul Arthur Rudihagen

Juul Arthur Rudihagen

Tech lead

Unleash has been really helpful when rolling out new features at Spleis. Our typical use case when dealing with a risky feature is to first start with users at our office, then specific super users, and finally gradually increase the percentage of users who has the feature enabled. This reduces risk and gives us full control.
We have also utilised Unleash to do A-B testing, combined with other tracking software.
The api and client libraries are easy to use and fast!

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Release often and release early

Unleash the benefits of feature flags

Canary release

Unleash allows you to decide how to enable the feature. Test it on yourself, your beta users or 1 percent of all users, you decide!

No performance impact

Our intelligent feature flag architecture makes sure your applications performance is not impacted


Configure different activation strategy per environment. Different strategy for Staging and Production? No problem

Project support

Organize your feature toggles in projects

Central overview

Central overview for all your applications. Even identifies non-handled feature-flags for you to configure


Experiment with different variants of the same feature - decide which to chose based upon facts, not gut feeling

Client SDKs

Unleash comes with easy to use client SDK for all popular stacks!
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  • Elixir SDK