Easy enable early-adopters program

Want to have a close conversation with some of your important customers? Does some of your customer have stronger opinions on your product that others?

Unleash-hosted allows you to easily pre-release features to a defined group of users. You stay in control using the simple to use management view. Read more about the Business value unleash-hosted brings to your organization here

Control rollout of critical business applications

Software are at heart at most businesses. Software issues causing stop in business means lost revenue.

Unleash-hosted allows you to reduce business-impact of issues by control rollout of a new software version. Instead of a big bang – enable the new software to 1% or 10% of your customers – you decide.

Unleash-hosted allows you to validate the quality before you continue deploying your software update

Be in control of release to customer
Higher flexibility

Did the development team complete the User story, but the feature is not yet at the level you want it to be?

Using unleash-hosted you will be in control of when the feature are available to the customers.

Align feature availability and your campaign

Want to align general availability with start of your campaign? Unleash-hosted allows you to control when a new feature – fully independent of the development team.

You are in control.

Enable A/B/n testing

Unleash allows you to easy enable A/B/n testing for your service. From the unleash-hosted management view it is easy to decide the split between the A and B.