The future is digital - our mission is to allow the tech rock stars to play, experiment and learn at high speed, in a controlled and safe way.

Our history

2020 - January

Unleash-hosted got a lot of traction and we saw the need to scale our team a bit. We are lucky to get Ole Petter Bang in as part of our team, an experienced developer and architect, with a passion for DevOps. He also brings strong .Net competence to the core team.

2019 - September

Unleash-hosted enters USA, the heart of technology in the World.

2019 - August

Unleash-hosted has received a start-up grant from Innovation Norway. This is a huge validation of our potential and growth ambitions. This money will be used to validate the market, improve the product and meet customers.

2019 - April

Beginning of 2019 we started to get few requests to provide Unleash as a Service (SaaS). Thus the idea of offering Unleash as a hosted service was born. After some intensive weeks putting together an initial strategy of the offering, was launched. The project is accepted at Gründergarasjen, a subsidiary of Simula. Our goal is that Unleash hosted will make it easier for more companies to take advantage of Unleash and simplify how they work with software and ease controlled roll-out. Another benefit is that we can get much closer to the users of Unleash, and use that insight to improve the product. We have a lot of ideas on how Unleash can be improved.

2018 - February

Version 3 with support for authentication was added. This was a requirement for allowing new enterprises to adopt Unleash. The project had started to gain a lot of traction across the globe.

2017 - Januar

Version 2 of Unleash released. This version added support for multiple strategies. In addition, a lot of improvements with focus on plugins to make Unleash easier to adopt, as well as adding toggle usage metrics.

2015 - Januar

Version 1 of Unleash was open sourced on GitHub. It had been in used internally in FINN since beginning of Desember 2014.

The management team

Ivar Østhus

CTO & co-founder

Egil Østhus

CEO & co-founder

Christopher Kolstad

Principal Engineer

Fredrik Oseberg

Principal Developer

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