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Boolean toggles
Variant toggles (A/B/n testing)
Activation strategies
Built-in strategies
Custom strategies
Strategy constraints
Multi-environment support
Multi-tenant support
Security and access
User management
Secure API tokens
Secure connections
Single-page client
Native apps client (iOS, Android)coming
Serverless client
Automatic backup
Automatic upgrade
Automatic security patches

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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is meant by “Multi-tenant support”?
A: It means that you are able to configure an activation strategy based upon what tenant that are in context. E.g. in case you would like different activation strategies for different tenants, this is what you need.

Q: Are the open-source not secure?
A: Yes, it is. But it is up to them that decides to go for open source to make sure that all the required security measures are in place.

Q: What is the difference between “Community support” and “Premium support”?
A: There is a large community of teams and organizations that has decided to go with the unleash open-source. In case you have a question when running open source, you usually get help from this community, either on Slack, posting the issue to the open source project on github or other foras. In case you are running the Enterprise offering of unleash – the unleash team are available to support you with your questions. We are available on Slack or you are welcome to contact us on email.