Performance & Privacy

Our unique architecture where changes are propagated to the client SDK which is running as part of customer applications, ensures that feature toggle evaluations is lightning fast and reliable. A side effect of rules being evaluated locally is that none of our customers user data is shared with the Unleash-hosted service.

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Experiment by testing multiple variants of a new feature and use real data and customer feedback to decide what works best for your users.

Unleash supports A/B/n testing putting you in control.

Multiple environment support

It is common to require different activation strategy per environment in your build-pipeline. From the management view, it is simple to setup different activation strategies.

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Reduce risk

Decouple the development process from the experimentation and releasing new features to your customers.

To ensure a high performing development teams, small, rapid deployments to production is essential. Unleash fully supports feature release from deploy code to production.

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Centralized overview

Feature toggles are easy to introduce in your source code. This makes it easy to lose control and the overview of what toggles have been introduced.

Unleash management overview automatically picks up the feature toggles in your source code and provides an easy to manage overview of the enabled toggles.

Gradual rollout strategy

Gradual Rollout

Unleash enables you to roll out new features in a controlled manner. Gradual rollout allows you to first expose the new feature to a limited group of internal users, before enabling your early adopters, 1% of your users. You are fully in control of how to rollout the feature. The rollout of the feature is decoupled from the development.

When you are confident that the features are ready to go public – you push the button.

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Kill switch

Be on top of how your feature behaves, even when you are dependent on less tested features or third party integrations.

Kill switches gives you the ability to turn off flaky features or third party integrations in seconds.

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