Do you want to facilitate more advanced experimentation? Do you want to use Unleash to handle your A/B experiments? Say hello to feature toggle variants!

You can extend feature toggles with multiple variants, which allows them return more than just true/false to your application. This feature enables you to divide your traffic among a set of variants for a given feature toggle. 


How does it work?

Unleash will first use activation strategies to decide whether a feature toggle is considered enabled or disabled for the current user.

If the toggle is considered enabled, the Unleash client will select the correct variant for the request. Unleash clients will use values from the Unleash context to make the allocation predictable. UserId is the preferred value, then sessionId and remoteAdr. If no context data is provided, the traffic will be spread randomly for each request.

If the toggle is considered disabled you will get the built-in disabled variant.