Unleash is a open source framework created to support software teams run fast by utilizing trunk-base development and at reduce the risk by being in control on how they release new features to users. Unleash has been battle tested at an enterprise scale.


Unleash gives us you great overview of all feature toggles across all your services and applications.

Unleash focus on simplicity. A feature toggle lives in all your environments, but your roll-out strategy might be different. After all the whole purpose to use feature toggles is to run fast and release code to production at a steady stream of small increments. This does not necessary mean that all new changes is exposed to the user, and we can decide to do that at a later time, when we are ready. We can start by a small segment first, and gradually increase the exposure.

If we detect problems, we can simply turn of that new feature by a click-of-a-button, and focus on improving that functionality.

Unleash Admim UI
Unleash Dashboard

It is powerful to be able to turn a feature on and off instantaneously without redeploying the whole application. The next level of control comes when you are able to enable a feature for a specific user or a small subset of the users. We achieve this level of control with the help of activation strategies. The simplest strategy is the “default” strategy, which basically means that the feature should be enabled for everyone.

Another common strategy is to enable a new feature only for specific users. Typically you want to enable a new feature only for yourself or your team in production, before you enable it for everyone. Unleash makes this easy.

We believe one of the strengths of Unleash is the lightweight and flexible architecture. Especially the client SDK should bring as few dependencies to your application, after all we would not want it to affect your application negatively in any way. Unleash is easy to run, requires few resources and also very extensible with the help of multiple extension points.

Unleash Enterprise

Unleash Enterprise builds on top of the open-source edition, and adds additional functionality, such as various authentication options, the unleash proxy and strategy constraints.

Unleash Enterprise is provided in multiple distributions, both as a fully hosted SaaS offering, self-hosted or as a service you deploy in to your private GKE cluster via Google Cloud Marketplace.